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Глобальные цели в области устойчивого развития

Пока наше государство наращивает скрепы и борется с женщинами и запрещает аборты, в мире совсем другие тенденции:
every childbirth is safe to make the ‪#‎GlobalGoals‬ a reality!

Poor women suffer disproportionately from unintended pregnancies, unsafe abortion, maternal death and disability, sexually transmitted infections, and related problems. Young people are also extremely vulnerable, facing disproportionately high HIV rates and barriers to reproductive health information and care.

Access to voluntary family planning is crucial to achieving Goals 3, 4 and 5, and more. It is our responsibility to ensure that all women everywhere have the means to decide the number and spacing of their children and that no woman dies in childbirth.

Это со странички ООН, посвящённой Глобальным целям.
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